Keep curious, keep walking——尚德融小四年级澳洲游学



In June of Shanghai, the sun was getting hot. More than 50 children from grade 4 PYP with their curiosity and inquiry spirit for new things took up their bags and flew nearly nine thousand kilometers to arrive in a beautiful environment. The warm and humid climate and the long history of the southern hemisphere cultural capital - Melbourne, began a two-week study tour.

我们到达第一天,恰逢英国女王生日,澳大利亚全民公休。孩子们带着满满的疑问,来到Captain Cook的故居寻找答案。简陋的物品承载着这位伟大的航海家永恒的探索。孩子们不禁感慨于这位伟大的航海家的探究精神,也为他朴素而勇敢的献身精神深深打动。

We arrived on the first day, coincided with the Queen's birthday, and the Australian public holiday. With many questions, the children went to Captain Cook's former home to learn. The simplistic items carry the eternal exploration of this great navigator. The children couldn’t help but feel the spirit of inquiry of this great navigator, and they were deeply moved by his simple and courageous dedication.


In the afternoon, we went to visit the National Art Museum, where a large number of works by famous artists were exhibited. The children were very interested in paintings representing indigenous cultures and quickly summed up the characteristics of indigenous culture.

墨尔本最具标志性的景点之一Brighton Beach,那些已经被列入世界遗产名录的多彩小屋,吸引了所有孩子的目光。他们不但一直向导游追问这些彩虹小屋的来历、作用,而且还要把英文介绍都记下来。

Brighton Beach, one of Melbourne's most iconic attractions, attracted the attention of all children in the colorful cottages that have been included in the World Heritage List. They not only have been guided by the tour to ask the origins and functions of these colorful huts, but also to write down the English introduction.

在简单了解了这个国家的土著文化和历史之后,我们就要进入Mckinnon Primary School进行学习,深度了解这个国家的文化和教育了。Mckinnon 小学建立于1930年,是当地一所非常著名的IB学校。孩子们入学以后,两到三个一组迅速融入班级,体验原汁原味的课堂活动。在将近一周的时间里,孩子们参与体育,音乐,美术,语言等课堂,更最重要的是,他们的中式思维开始结合英语的逻辑,语言表达更加优美自信,还认识了更多的小伙伴,虽然大家都来自相同的IB教育背景,但是不同的文化背景也会给他们带来独特的感受。小伙伴玩耍,交流和陪伴,感受到不同思考方式带来的惊喜和创造力,体验着浸润式教育独特魅力。

After a brief understanding of the country's indigenous culture and history, we entered the Mckinnon Primary School to learn more about the culture and education of the country. Founded in 1930, Mckinnon Elementary School is a very famous IB school in the area. After the children entered school, in groups of two or three were quickly integrated into the class to experience the original classroom activities. In the past week, the children have participated in sports, music, art, language and other classrooms. More importantly, their Chinese thinking has begun to combine the logic of English, language expression is more confident, and more small partners, although everyone comes from the same IB education background, different cultural backgrounds will bring them a unique feeling. The little friends play, communicate and accompany, feel the surprise and creativity brought by different ways of thinking, and experience the unique charm of infiltrating education.


The one-week course soon ended, and the students not only had different feelings in their studies, but also different educational methods and learning environments. The principal personally issued a certificate to us, and the children exchanged gifts with each other and said goodbye.


The University of Melbourne is a must-visit destination, which is one of the most famous universities in Australia. The campus is open to everyone, quiet, low-key, and there are still many students on weekends. In groups of three to five they exercised sports skills, reading, and whispering. Exchange research projects... Seeing these busy but orderly learning, our classmates were also eager to move, I hope that I will become a student here.


The most interesting thing for children was the Victoria market, because there were souvenirs and special products, and you can also experience the living conditions of the locals in depth. The friends are full of thoughts for their families and are carefully selected in various booths. I hoped that I could bring a special gift to my friends back home. The quiet and elegant Royal Botanical Garden brings together more than 10,000 exotic flowers and plants, and has a large number of memorial trees planted by Australian and foreign historical celebrity animals. In addition to the team task of the team, the children themselves explored the shape, name, function and so on of many different plants. Next to the Royal Botanic Gardens is a war memorial featuring Greek classical design. Seeing those who died in the battle, the children's expressions became focused, serious, and full of awe and kindness to life.


The beauty of the Great Ocean Road is one of the many world-famous attractions in Australia, and the Great Ocean Road, which is carved out of the cliffs, has a wonderful view along the road. The "12 disciple stone" standing in the ocean is like a human face, with different forms. From time to time, the students stopped to watch, indulge in the mid-term, and appreciate the wonders of nature, and could not help but marvel at this magnificent and majestic wonder. The 12 disciples stone stood tall and stood up against the wind. Such a large amount of discouragement and strength make the children open their eyes, and let us see a broader mind and meet the challenge of self-confidence.


After going through school life and a short visit, we drove to the campsite. Deep forests, mountains and bodies of water, surrounded the campsite and the scenery was pleasant. Various activities and activities are emerging.




Team fashion show, temporary team formation, test team collaboration and communication skills, you are constantly emerging, in addition to fun team fashion design and model show.




Kayaking, challenging the tacit understanding and teamwork ability between the students, although it was raining, we are still in the water. Look at the way we work hard, like a little flower duck.




Team building games Test students' self-awareness and team communication and collaboration skills.




Set up a forest hut, a group of six partners, designed, constructed, and mined. The ground was slippery, the rain was always coming down, and the children wore ponchos and tried to build their own cottage.




Flying trapeze, the challenge of self-brave.




Rope Training Challenge children's hand-eye coordination, thinking about challenging difficult movements and the ability to meet challenges.



自己动手制作Orange Muffin,在炉火前闻着食物散发出来的香甜气息,垂涎欲滴。

In the jungle, we made Orange Muffin ourselves, smelling the sweet smell of food in front of the fire, and drooling.


Dear Mom and Dad, have you already received our postcards? My backpack is full of thoughts. But the most beautiful scenery, always on the road, what I see, will enrich myself. The colorful exchange of life has made me more brave and confident. On the way to the future, I will be braver and participate more.